Plant Performance Services - Surplus Equipment

Surplus Equipment

Plant Performance Services (P2S) dismantling and Asset Recovery Services specializes in the salvage, dismantlement, and marketing of surplus and/or obsolete industrial equipment, there is a hierarchy of value in every manufacturing plant each client should consider.  P2S's fully trained staff will provide the best solution for maximizing the return on surplus assets thru Market evaluations, equipment appraisals, our network of brokers, and scrap material marketing.

For any further information regarding Surplus Equipment, please contact Ronald "Sid" Richard at 713-545-9912 at or Chris Croniser at 832-727-0886 at

Specializing in:  asset recovery, bone yard cleanup, industrial equipment and machinery, investment recovery, process unit dismantling, process units surplus, industrial equipment, surplus scrap metal management, used industrial equipment for sale, and used industrial process equipment resale.